Frequently Asked Questions
☀️How are the tan lines since it's UPF 50+?
HeartGlass designs are designed to lay perfectly to make you have beautiful tan lines.
🩱I want to wear it as a bodysuit. Is there a thong?
Get the Apple size if you would want less coverage for wearing as a bodysuit. Regardless, they fit like yoga pants and blends in your style.
👙Is it a bodysuit or swimwear?
Both! HeartGlass was originally made as a swimsuit. It is worn universally as shape wear, workout top, and sports bra. Also, when you're moving you do not need a under torso opening button that is either tucked in or accidentally unbuttons.
🪡What if I am unsure if it will fit?
It's actually meant for people who struggle with finding the perfect fit in stores! HeartGlass is based on natural body shapes. Nothing hurts by simply giving it a try! It is risk free, just return it with seven days of delivery if it doesn't work.
🧵What is the HeartGlass size?
HeartGlass is a new size based on women's cup size and rear end size. This way, HeartGlass can fit a wide range of women who wear small to xxLarge! Take the fit quiz to find out.