HeartGlass consistently makes efforts towards sustainability and reducing waste. We work simultaneously with numerous partners to ensure our products are of highest quality and are built to last.
Made in Los Angeles, California, USA
HeartGlass products are made in Los Angeles, California. Sought after in the United States, the products are made locally in the USA for more sustainable manufacturing practices.
Versatile & Multi-Wear
Although started off as swimwear, the products are also worn as shapewear, bras, and bodysuits. The one piece can be worn as a bodysuit under a blazer, a workout bodysuit that has a built in sport bra, or even an everyday favorite for stopping around town. 
The two piece top can be worn as a bralette and a sport bra in addition to a swimsuit top. The bottoms are perfectly paired with the two piece top underneath your favorite sheer dress that you're searching for the perfect undergarments to wear with.
Highest Quality
The swimwear is holding up just as long as we have been in business and received our first samples. The swimwear is of highest quality and lasts for years with no end in sight.