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🍐Pear HeartGlass™🍐 🍎 Apple HeartGlass™🍎 ⏳Hourglass HeartGlass™⏳ or 🍌Banana HeartGlass™🍌 whatever shape you are, you have a HeartGlass™ for you! Take our fit quiz to find our your HeartGlass™

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Available Now

The Only One Piece for Different Top and Bottom Sizes. Shop Now!


Benefits of Pre-Ordering

Prioritized order. Guaranteed a swimsuit. Buy now, enjoy later. Delivered before anyone else for the trend-setters.

Take the Fit Quiz to find your HeartGlass™ size!

HeartGlass™ Swimwear Testimonials

"This suit has expanded my confidence not only for me, but for other women with curves. Feel beautiful in your own skin."


Perfect All Seasons Swimsuit

"Being from Minnesota, I needed to find swimwear that would withstand all of my winter hot tub sessions. HeartGlass did just that, not only meeting my expectations, but exceeding them!"


The Perfected Fit

"I love the suit! It is super supportive, sucks me in, and I have full mobility without getting a wedgie."


Universal Designer Swimwear

"The one piece has a versatile class to it. I can wear it on a hike, the pool, or while tanning. It is the best fit!"


Cristalina Swimwear

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Aventura, FL 33160

Mon - Sun 11am - 7pm

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