The Revolutionary Movement Proof Swimwear

Based on female features with blendable sizing.

Black One Piece
Black One Piece
Black One Piece
Black One Piece
Black One Piece
Black One Piece

Black One Piece

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Swimwear. Shapewear. Bodysuit. Waist Trainer.

Your New Favorite Wardrobe Essential

Based on Your Body Shape, Not a Size.

Larger size on your bottom, smaller size on your top? Or smaller size on your bottom and larger size on your top? Take the fit quiz below to find out your HeartGlass size symbol! 🍐Pear shape 🍎 Apple shape 🍌Banana shape ⏳Hourglass shape.

Who's Wearing HeartGlass?

See what the customers have to say about their new favorite wardrobe essential, HeartGlass!

"I absolutely love this swimsuit! It fits perfectly to my body and highlights my attributes."

"I love how comfortable it was! I ended up throwing away my cheap target spanx and wore my HeartGlass one piece as shapewear on the flight from Miami to Atlanta! I felt so confident that I ended up winning my beauty pageant for Ms. International!"

"They have some amazing options and so comfortable I wore it all day!! Not only is it fabulous shapewear but…. swimwear!! Woman owner and operated!"

"I love these suits! It is super supportive, sucks me in, and I have full mobility without a wedgie!"

Izzy wears hers as a bodysuit! Model castings, to a night or day out with friends!

Enjoying a nice summer weekend up north at the cabin with her family.

Samantha pre-ordered her swimsuit immediately as she put it on! It gave her the support she wanted and sat right in the perfect places. She says it will be worth the wait!

"This suit has expanded my confidence not only for me, but for other women with curves. Feel beautiful in your own skin."