The HeartGlass Size

The HeartGlass Size is an award-winning innovation in women's sizing bringing the attention to female features and that not all females are the same sizes and shapes in different measurements, it's just the beauty of owning ones femininity.

The HeartGlass Sizing Chart 

HeartGlass Size Size Top  Waist Bottom
Apple HeartGlass D-G cup 40"-44"  27"-38"   Smaller Bottom 34"-38"  
Banana HeartGlass A-C cup 34"-38"  27"-35"   Smaller Bottom 34"-38"
Hourglass HeartGlass D-G cup 40"-44" 27"-38"   Larger Bottom 40"-44"  
Pear HeartGlass   A-C cup 34"-38" 27"-38" Larger Bottom 40"-44"
© HeartGlass, Swimwear Shapewear Spawear Based on Female Features