Our Story

At HeartGlass, our journey began with a passion for creativity and a love for craftsmanship that runs deep in our founder's veins. From the age of seven, our founder, Demi, discovered her knack for knitting and sewing. It was at this young age that she crafted her first piece—a swimsuit for her beloved American Girl doll.


Growing up, Demi was surrounded by sewing machines and the scent of freshly cut fabric, all thanks to her Grandmother. Together, they embarked on countless sewing adventures, creating custom clothes for every Holiday and matching ensembles for Demi, her sister and her cherished dolls.


In high school, Demi’s creative spirit blossomed even further. She designed her very first dress—a stunning hot pink ensemble with quarter sleeves and a delicate nude mesh overlay. This dress, tailored to perfection, hugged her hourglass figure flawlessly, a testament to her skill and attention to detail.


However, it was Demi’s frustration with the lack of inclusive sizing in swimwear that truly ignited her entrepreneurial spirit. Determined to create swimwear that catered to all body shapes, she dove headfirst into designing her own line. Armed with her Grandmother's wisdom and a determination to make a difference, Demi crafted the first prototype with whatever materials she could find in their storage.


Drawing inspiration from her Grandmother's meticulous craftsmanship, Demi incorporated innovative features into her designs, such as a power mesh lining for added support and compression smoothing. The result was a line of swimwear that not only looked beautiful but also made women feel confident and empowered with its new way to develop women's sizing.


With her prototype in hand, Demi embarked on a journey to bring her vision to life. Her passion and dedication caught the attention of the judges at Demo Day, and she secured her first $8,500 in grant funding to kickstart her business. Later, she earned over $14,000 in grant funds. With this initial investment, she set out to source materials and refine her designs for both one-piece and two-piece styles.


While HeartGlass started in the heart of Arizona, Demi soon realized that to truly scale her business, she needed to be where the industry thrived—Los Angeles. Relocating her operations, Demi found a new team as passionate and dedicated as she was, ready to bring her vision to life on a commercial scale.


Today, HeartGlass continues to honor Demi’s legacy of craftsmanship and inclusivity, creating swimwear shapewear that celebrates the beauty of every body. From our humble beginnings to our bright future, our journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the belief that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful.