Fashion Week MN Swimwear Designer Puts a New Spin on Sizing

Demitria George News

By Julia Zerull, MSP Magazine

Fashion Week MN is showcasing a new approach to swimwear with local entrepreneur Demi George’s breakout brand, HeartGlass. Her size-inclusive suits will be making their first runway appearance in FWMN’s grand finale show alongside local designers and talent.

George’s designing mind met her entrepreneurial side while at college after years of feeling dissatisfied with the swimwear industry. Her new brand, HeartGlass, serves women in between standard and plus sizes addressing the often overlooked necessity of a different top and bottom depending on body shape. Launched in early 2020, George’s are the first one piece swimsuits with a different top and bottom size.

“To me, it was something that was missing in the market–for me and tons of other women out there,” says George.

“My biggest issue in middle school was being able to cover up modestly. I always had to wear a t-shirt in the pool in gym class," George says about her struggle to find the right suit that would fit. "To me, it was something that was missing in the market for me and tons of other women out there.”

Catered to women who may have a plus sized top or bottom but a standard sized middle, George’s new size (also named HeartGlass) has different variations depending on the type of fit needed. Categorized into four different shapes (Banana, Apple, Hourglass, and Pear), George’s suits are adjusted to fit an individual’s body shape instead of the traditional sizing scale.

On top of fit, George was also looking for a moveable fabric that allowed wearers to maintain an active lifestyle while staying comfortable. “Really right away when I started with it all I wanted the swimsuits to look like glass. I wanted something that was movement proof that would almost feel and look like glass when you’re swimming,” says George. Her end result is a thick, chlorine-resistant and sun-protective UPF 50+ fabric that shines like glass underwater.

A newcomer to FWMN, viewers can find her one and two-piece styles mixed with 1960s and 2000s style glam in the May 1 show and pop-up event alongside other local designers. Currently available for preorder, you can shop the suits online.

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