Top 10 Miami Swim Week Gift Bag Items

Demi George

Miami Swim Week was great this season and being the HeartGlass fashion show was sponsored by CLM Creations new GentleStyle Brush, I wanted to shout out all of my favorite sponsored items in the Miami Swim Week gift bags.


ImPress nails in "pick me pink" Gel nail breakthrough one-step no glue manicure that is a secure hold, fast and easy to apply and remove. I just matched the number of each nail per each side. Retail $7.99.


Collagen Hair Mist from RG cosmetics this product is made in the USA. It is meant to help restore, strengthen and thicken your hair while reconstructing damaged cuticles. This is a salon quality product and I look forward to trying it out! 4oz Retail $24.


ImPress pedicure in "run wild" Gel nail breakthrough one-step no glue manicure that is a secure hold, fast and easy to apply and remove. I have never tried the toenails with fake nails or press ons, but I was excited to try it out. Retail $7.99.


Corsica rose glow lip balm dairy free, gluten free, cruelty free, all natural. Pink grapefruit and apricot flavor smooth texture tinted lip balm gives the perfect tint with keeping your skin moisturized. Retail $7.95.


GentleStyle Brush is the 4-in-1 innovative hair care tool to distribute, detangle volumize and diffuse your hair all in the same travel friendly tool. I loved it on my trip for dry shampoo, brushing wet hair, hair touchups in between hot and humidity in Miami summer heat, and for keeping my blowout and styling fresh and like new for my entire trip. Retail $15.95.


Kiss bring the salon home Falscara - applicable lash extensions from home that are a new non-stick formula that won't strip your lashes. This kit not only came with lashes, but remover, an overnight formula, an application tool, and the falscara seal with instructions on how to apply. Retail $24.99.


Pixie by Corsica, a sparkly lotion stick that is perfect to apply to your body if you want the look of sparkle powder, without the dryness. This sparkle lotion stick is not only for glamour, it also hydrates your skin. The container is so cute and perfect size to sneak one in your purse or on the go. Retail $19.95.


Curly Hair Shampoo by V&CO beauty, curly hair shampoo made in the USA that is cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, paragon and sulfate free and family-owned. It's formulated with jojoba oil that is claimed to help reduce fizz and leaves curls with along lasting protection and hydration. It's a technology that supports all hair types and textures that helps hair condition. Interesting find and I am curious to try this one out! Retail $7.99 for 12fl oz bottle.


The Corsica Glow Lotion Bar is a lotion stick that is a glowing bronzer that makes you feel like you had just put lotion on your skin.I applied it and rubbed it in evenly and my skins shining, bronzed and looked properly moisturized and not oily, greasy, dirty or tacky looking. It is an effortless option. Retail $19.95. Kit $52.85.


Hollywood Fashion Secrets Skip The Line Adhesive Thong a reusable strapless panty meant to not show panty lines. Perfect for the runway, or wearing a very light dress where you'd contemplate wearing pantie or not. Retail $13.99.

I cannot wait for my new at home after Miami makeover thanks to Miami Swim Week! These new products have already made me feel like I arrived back home in the mid-west a lot better than I came here like! 

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