Celebrating 4 Years!

Demi George Love HeartGlass

A message from the Designer & Founder:

4 Years Ago Today on February 14th, 2020, I launched my solution to women’s sizing- the HeartGlass size. I started by launching the swimwear I had been developing since 2018. It wasn’t soon after the launch until the pandemic hit, making it the worst time to launch swimwear. Swimwear stores city to city were shutting doors and closing down. Out of any industry in apparel, swimwear was hit the worst. 

It wasn’t until over one year after launch where I could finally put the line on runway, and get some eyes in front of it. It was also more acceptable to “post” and have news articles about it until then. It was also more acceptable to do things instead of under the radar, and to finally go get professional photos done of the line. 

After this, I was starting to get tons of traction, realizing and being told by prominent figures, that I have something here. I kept going, and never giving up. I end up getting connected with my dream retailers. I worked hard to send my products in multiple stores around the USA. I listened to feedback. I didn't have to sneak into the big fashion show events. Now, I get added on the list. 

Things are really just getting started. I’ve always posted the process. Because most of you, think a new brand that everyone wears and you just find out about is brand new. In reality, when brands become mainstream, they’ve been in business for at least 10 years before. It’s a process, but I’m so excited for what the future has in store for me and HeartGlass.

This last year, I was able to meet my team up in LA and I haven’t been back to LA since 2019. My HeartGlass community met me in Miami this year, the ladies who love my products and are always in town during fashion week when I am. And always make time. I love my supportive community! And through HeartGlass, launching on Valentine's Day means so much more than just hearts. It’s self love. It’s community there for you. It’s something that makes you feel like you belong and fit in. It’s meaning that you are worthy of everything you do. It’s a community of support to love yourself, your body, and keep supporting women.

Heart Yourself today and everyday,

🩷 Demi, Founder of HeartGlass

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